What are the differences between coffee latte, macchiato and cappuccino?

differences between coffee latte, macchiato and cappuccinoThere are many coffees based on espresso, but their too much varieties that makes people confuse which one to pick. Many people when buy a coffee they think that they know this but when the taste it’s totally different coffee. A lot of different coffee drink have same ingredient for example coffee latte and cappuccino. Here I am gone show you what are latte, macchiato and cappuccino and how they different from each other.

What is Caffe’ latte?

Caffe Latte

Coffee latte comes from Italy, and the word caffe’ latte comes from Italian where caffe means coffee and latte mean milk. It is one of the most common coffee drink around the globe. The ratio of coffee espresso and milk may differ but generally the milk is used in more than coffee that’s why milk flavor is dominate in caffe’ latte

Caffe latte is decorated with a layer of milk foam over it. Latte artists are very skillful in their work and latte art is very interesting, you often see the images of swan, a heart with fur on the top of cup of caffe’ latte. Whereas in Seoul Korea latte art is on next level, there latte artist decorate the cup with cartoon characters using different colors.

 Variations of caffé latte .

Caffe’ latte has diverse drink for example chai latte in which we used Indian tea masala foe flavor, mocha latte uses chocolate syrup in it, vanilla latte, hazelnut latte, caramel latte and many more. Caffe’ latte has special flavor that keep you warm during cold month f winter and autumn with great flavor and aroma like pumpkin spice latte and mocha latte.


The caffe’ latte have same ingredient as cappuccino have, that are foamy and steamed milk.

But latte has more milk that espresso coffee in it with ratio of 1:3 or may be 1:9.

Have a thin layer of milk foam over the top of latte to give it visual effect while latte expert create stunning images over top of cup to enhance its look.

The common ingredient of latte are:

  1. Steamed milk 5-6 oz.
  2. Espresso coffee.
  3. Milk foam.

 What is a cappuccino?

cappuccino is an espresso-based coffee

Like caffe’ latte cappuccino also originated from Italy, is one of the most commonly use espresso drink. The word cappuccino means hood it is commonly used for hot coffee drinks.  The ratio of milk espresso and milk foam is commonly same mean 1:1:1 but may differ.

Cappuccino is typically prepared by using hot milk, double espresso, and milk foam at the top. We often use milk cream instead of using milk in it.


It is obvious that each variation of cappuccino differ from another, both in amount of ingredient and by their flavor. The variation are wet, dry and iced cappuccino.

Cappuccino may have flavor like chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon and others


Cappuccino is typically more dilute espresso based drink. And the ingredient use in it are espresso hot/ steamed milk and milk foam.

Each ingredient have 1/3 part of cappuccino

While the typical Italian cappuccino use:

  1. 1 shot of espresso.
  2. Steamed milk around 1 oz.
  3. Milk foam 1 oz.

What is macchiato?

Caffè macchiato

Caffe’ macchiato is a coffee espresso with small amount of frothed milk foam at top. Macchiato is Italian word mean marked or stain. The traditionally macchiato often has two shots of espresso and only clump foam of milk, however the amount of milk foam in some places people added one to two tbs of milk foam but it mostly on the milk entirely.

Macchiato is good choice for milk flavor lover. Now you can find number of macchiato product I coffee shop. Many barista and coffee company try to give macchiato a new coat so it seem to be new drink by making it with different technique and different flavor.

Variation of macchiato.

Macchiato has different variation like latte macchiato which comes with three layer, two layer of milk over top and bottom and one layer of espresso between them. These three layer give it a beautiful look, before drinking stir the cup first so that you can enjoy flavor.

Other variation are caramel macchiato, espresso is marked with vanilla iced and milk and served it with double circled method. Cinnamon almond milk, cloud macchiato, and coconut milk mocha macchiato.

Difference between caffe’ latte and cappuccino.

caffe latte and cappuccino

 As both are types of coffee espresso, then how they differ from each other. These two coffee espresso differ by one another by mean amount of ingredient but the ingredient are same, by their serving, amount of calories, taste and other.


Both latte and cappuccino have same ingredient but they use them in different quantities.

Caffe’ latte uses more amount of milk in it, while cappuccino uses restively less amount, but they have same amount espresso coffee.


Cappuccino is served in large saucy glass while caffe’ latte is served in small served in proclaim cup for more heat retention.

Amount of calories.

Caffe’ latte have more amount of calories because milk is used in large amount, the other hand cappuccino have less amount of calories because it have relatively less amount of milk.

Taste and color.

Cappuccino has strong taste due less usage of milk while caffe latte have relatively sweet taste as milk diluted the espresso. Cappuccino has darker color than caffe’ latte.

How caffe latte differ from macchiato?

caffe latte and macchiato

Both caffe’ latte and macchiato are espresso drink, both uses the milk in it. They differ from each other by means of mixing of ingredient, calorie, serving and taste and color.

Mixing of ingredients.

The main difference between these two espresso coffees is the mixing of ingredient, latte has first espresso then steamed milk and milk foam on the top while macchiato is made by mixing these ingredient in reverse order or some time reversing milk foam and steamed milk.


Macchiato is served in a glass while latte is served in cup.


Coffee latte uses more milk in it as compare to macchiato so it have more calories, on the other hand macchiato has less calories means it is less crabby hence good for those who are on diet.

Color and taste.

The macchiato has relatively strong flavor and dark color, however caffe latte has sweet taste and has relatively light in color.

Difference between macchiato and cappuccino.

Different between caffe latte and macchiato

Amount of ingredient.

Cappuccino is made by using all the ingredient in same proportion while macchiato I s made by using them in different proportion.


Cappuccino has sweet and soft taste while macchiato has strong taste, both of these has same amount of caffeine.


Cappuccino served in small cup as compare to macchiato which served in tall cup.

FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. What is difference between espresso and coffee?

Answer. There are four ways that espresso differ from coffee are.

  1. The coffee beans that are made for espresso are roasted for long time than normal coffee
  2. Espresso has more amount of caffeine in it.
  3. The one of the main difference between them is process through which they made.
  4. Espresso has much bold taste than coffee.
Q2. How macchiato and late macchiato coffee differ?

Answer. These two beverages seem to be same. When it comes to taste these two drink are actually opposite. Macchiato have small amount of milk and milk foam made for people who loved strong taste. On the other hand latte is made for those who loves smother and creamer flavor.

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