Guide- What is Green coffee Beans and How to use

Losing weight can be incredibly difficult. For this reason, people use all kinds of supplements to make things easier. The extract of green coffee beans is one of the natural ingredients that have a very positive effect on weight loss

Extract Green coffee bean is currently one of the most popular natural product in the world.  the extract contains chlorogenic acid, which is likely responsible for the effects of weight loss.

What is the Extract of Green Coffee Beans?


The beans of green coffee are essentially no sulfur coffee beans have a natural green color but are usually made before they are sold to consumers. It’s a complicated process. As you know … coffee beans contain pharmacologically and antioxidants active ingredients. These two most important one is caffeine and the other essential ingredient is chlorogenic acid. Chlorogenic acid is considered to be the main ingredient of ground coffee. In other words, a substance that produces a weight loss effect.

Unfortunately …. during roasting the coffee bean most of the chlorogenic acid are removed. Therefore, we make green coffee beans instead of coffee beans

How does a green coffee bean extract work?

Needless to say, green coffee bean extract contains caffeine.

The caffeine in green coffee bean powder acts as a stimulant, strengthens our nerves and helps us move. It has many effects that affect people in different ways.

The natural stimulants in this product come from coffee beans, leaves of tea and cola processed drinks. Usually, the caffeine extracted from green coffee beans increases energy and temporarily reduces fatigue or drowsiness In addition to this it also acts as an antioxidant that protects the body from the toxics impact of free radicals. You will also find that there are studies showing that people who consume a lot of coffee in their lifetime are more likely to use it.

In general, the recommended amount of green coffee beans – 50-200 mg three times a day. This is enough to temporarily increase speed and relieve symptoms of fatigue.

Caffeine increases metabolism by 3 to 11%, according to numerous studies

However, chlorogenic acid is the main constituent.

Some studies have told that decreasing the uptake of carbohydrates from the digestive tract can decrease blood sugar and insulin spikes.

Other studies (on mice and mice) have shown the effect of chlorogenic acid that how it reduce weight, reduce the amount of fat ingest from the diet, reduce the amount of fat stored in the liver, and improve adiponectin, a fat-burning hormone.

Chlorogenic acid has also been shown to significantly reduce cholesterol and triglycerides in the diet. These are responsible for heart disease

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