What is Lemongrass Tea and its Benefit’s – Lemon Grass Tea Recipe

Do you know that drinking herb tea can make us healthy and strong? Well! Herbs provide us with several healthy and anti-inflammatory properties. Similar to other herbs, lemongrass is also bringing several health care advantages in our life.

The lemongrass plant is additionally known as tangled, spiked metal grass, citronella grass, and velvety heads. The plant has various species including citronella grass.

The tea is normally sans caffeine and can be appreciated the entire day without unfavorable results for rest. Also, the lemongrass tea leaves can be included in a spot of lemon juice to Butterfly Pea Flower Tea to divert the tea from a rich blue to a lively purple. It’s additionally generally added as a seasoning to dark tea.

What is Lemongrass tea?

Lemongrass tea is an herbal tea

Lemongrass tea is a natural tea produced using a similar plant that is utilized to create lemongrass oil, culinary spices, and citronella candles. The plant has for some time been a staple of Asian cooking—especially Thai food.

It’s utilized as a culinary spice to add flavor to dishes and as a natural solution for a large group of diseases. Lemongrass tea flaunts a remarkable lemony flavor without the tart nibble. In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits and healthcare advantages if you daily drink it once a day.  Read more about Pu Erh Tea and Health Benefits

Benefits of drinking lemongrass tea daily:

Numerous people accept that lemongrass tea offers various medical advantages. However, analysts have not yet led to enough medical studies to demonstrate these advantages. Various specialists comprehend that the tea can help battle against free revolutionaries.

Also drinking a cup of lemongrass daily can reduce the frequency of inflammation in the human body. Lemongrass contains the anti-inflammatory properties that include an antibiotic agent.

As we know that inflammation is a factor in numerous bad health conditions which is included with torment and coronary illness. Accordingly, lemongrass tea could be a helpful and energetic drink for individuals to add in their daily eating diet plan. The following are seven extra medical advantages that may be a result of drinking a cup of lemongrass tea daily.

  1. It provides relief from anxiety:

Numerous people find out that drinking hot tea is a relaxing activity. However, lemongrass tea may offer further anxiety and stress-relieving properties. As indicated by the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, smelling lemongrass may help individuals with anxiety disorders.

But few people as of now breathe in basic lemongrass oil to mitigate pressure and tension. However, some researchers actually need more proof to have the option to affirm this advantage.

  1. It can bring down the cholesterol level:

As per an article in the Journal of Advanced Pharmaceutical Technology and Research, drinking a cup of lemongrass extracts tea seems to bring down the cholesterol level in the human body. Recent research will take note of that the response of drinking this tea is dependent on the dosage. It implies that larger amounts of lemongrass may bring down the level of cholesterol in the human body.

  1. It prevents the symptoms of infections:

As per the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, study results propose that lemongrass may have some disease forestalling capacities. For instance, the spice appears to decrease the occurrence of thrush, contagious contamination that usually influences individuals with debilitated safe frameworks, for example, those with HIV.

  1. It can boost up the overall oral health:

In numerous nations where the lemongrass plant is local to the region, individuals will take the lemongrass stalks and bite on them. Some people consider that it is an approach to improve dental health and also keep the mouth feeling clean.

The Food Chemistry diary distributed a study that confirms these discoveries. The creators took a look at 12 spices and found that lemongrass homegrown concentrates were one of the most powerful inhibitors of bacterial development in lab tests. They utilized microbes that can cause problems or cavities in the mouth, which is known as Streptococcus sanguine.

  1. It can soothe down the body pain issues:

As indicated by one study, lemongrass might have the option to hinder chronic pain issues. It implies that drinking lemongrass tea might assist with keeping an individual from detecting chronic pain.

  1. It can boost up the red platelet levels:

The report of recent research recommends that drinking lemongrass tea mixtures day by day for 30 days can build hemoglobin focus, stuffed cell volume, and red platelet includes in the body. The specialists took blood tests from 105 human subjects toward the beginning, and afterwards at 10 and 30 days into the research.

They evaluate that drinking lemongrass tea supports the arrangement of red platelets. While they didn’t distinguish accurately how lemongrass does this, they recommended that the tea’s cancer prevention agent properties could assume a job.

  1. It provides relief from bloating effects:

Drinking lemongrass tea can have diuretic impacts. It implies that it promotes the kidneys health to deliver more pee than expected. As per a little scope concentrate in the Journal of Renal Nutrition, drinking lemongrass tea expands pee yield more than different refreshments.

The diuretic impact on the body can be gainful in situations where water maintenance prompts swelling. It can be a typical side effect of premenstrual disorder.

Recipe to Make Simple Lemongrass Tea at Home:

Lemongrass Tea

Lemongrass tea has a brilliant, lemony, delectable taste. The formula is so speedy and simple. Simply add the grass to bubbling water, and after 15 minutes you are finished. Serve blistering for a relieving drink or cold for a reviving summer chill off.

Lemongrass tea can be devoured as a hot tea or a frosted tea. In any case, the tea should be prepared to utilize bubbling water. For frosted tea, essentially let the blend cool to room temperature prior to presenting with ice or putting away in the fridge.

You can use it in spring or sifted water when blending tea to draw out the best flavors. Start with excellent lemongrass tea leaves or stalks. You can utilize both dried or new lemongrass for most extreme flavor or pick tea packs for advantageous use.

Ingredient to make a cup of lemongrass tea:

  • You need almost five stalks of lemongrass.
  • You may require 15g cinnamon stick for added essence.
  • Take 1 Eat Me lime to add an optional taste.
  • Take a half tablespoon of honey
  • Almost 1-litre water in a saucepan

Instructions to make a cup of lemongrass tea:

  1. Firstly, wash the lemongrass stalks and cut in a few pieces.
  2. Carry 1 liter of water to the bubble in a pot and add the huge bits of lemongrass and the cinnamon stick.
  3. Stew delicately for 5 minutes. Take the dish off the warmth and let it sit for an additional 3 minutes.
  4. Utilize a strainer to pour the tea from the pot.
  5. Cut the lime in two. Press the juice by hand or utilize a fork to crush the juice out. Add as much lime squeeze and nectar to the tea as you like.
  6. Preparing a time of this tea is around 2 min, and you need 15 minutes to cook it well. The whole drink contains 17k calories which are suitable for two people.


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