Explore the Making of Pink Starbucks Drink – Easy Tips to Follow

Do you love Starbucks drinks but don’t have enough money to drink them daily in summer? Well! We will tell you to make it at home to enjoy daily. The Starbucks drink is a good option for those who don’t like caffeine. You can make it easy and enjoy it.

You only need some easy ingredients for its preparation, and then you will taste a creamy drink. Starbucks drink is a delicious drink prepared from strawberries, coconut, or another type of milk and herbal tea.

What is in the Copycat Version of Starbucks Drink?

You can prepare this recipe with very easy to available ingredients. You can’t find some ingredients of this drink easily from any store, but the ingredients we will tell you are easy to find. You will feel its taste is similar to the original Starbucks drink.

The following are the ingredients that are used to prepare this drink:

  • Herbal Tea
  • Grapes juice
  • Coconut or another type of milk
  • Simple syrup
  • Strawberries for garnishing

Do you know what the secret of this drink that makes its color beautiful is? Well! You can enjoy the attractive color and sour taste of this drink by using many ingredients. These include hibiscus, orange peel, rose, and cinnamon. You can buy these ingredients from any store and online as well.

Ingredient 1: It is necessary to prepare a Starbucks drink; coconut milk should be tasty and thick in density. This coconut milk is available in cans, but we suggest you use refrigerated coconut milk. This refrigerated milk is available in many stores.

Ingredient 2: As you know, simple syrup is used in this recipe to make it sweet. So, you must buy grape juice with no or little sugar. If you want the pink color of the drink, then use faint juice.

Ingredient 3: Find a recipe for making a simple syrup from google and use it to make your drink sweeter. Further, it would help if you used fresh strawberries instead of freeze strawberries. These are very costly and don’t have a taste similar to fresh ones.

Ingredient 4: One thing that is not common in your kitchen for daily use is coconut milk. Most people think that coconut milk or water are the same things. But it’s not true; both of these are different things. Several companies use coconut water as a natural sports drink.

There are many brands of these ingredients. So you can choose according to your taste of your favorite one.

Tips and Tricks for Making Starbucks Drink at Home:

When you shake all the ingredients, then it is best because strawberries become soft on shaking. It not only gives tasty flavor but also gives a pink color that makes this drink beautiful.

All of you need a drink in the warm weather. So, it’s easy and a good option to make Starbucks drinks at home. You need to prepare tea in advance. Then keep it at room temperature for cooling and add grape juice. So, add coconut milk, syrup, strawberries, cubes of tea mixture, and juice in a shaker whenever you want this tasty drink. Then shake it until it becomes smooth and serve.

This Starbucks drink is served with ice and strawberries as garnishing ingredients. The drink gives a foamy look at the top because of creamy coconut milk and ice. You can prepare this drink at home using two ways. Both ways are best for preparing this drink, and its taste, color, and texture are similar to the original drink.

  1. Prepare it into a shaker.
  2. Prepare it by adding all the ingredients to a jar and tightening it with a lid.

As you know, it will take a lot of time to prepare a drink whenever you want it. It’s easy for you to prepare it in large amounts and then freeze it in the refrigerator. So, whenever you want it or serve it, you can add sliced strawberries and ice.

Steps to Consider While Making a Pink Starbucks Drink at Home:

You can prepare your favorite Starbucks drink using this home recipe and freeze it in the refrigerator. The creamy and nice texture of the drink is due to creamy coconut milk. You can make this drink pinkish, then use faint grapefruit. Finally, add ice to this drink.

After adding all these things, you need to give a berry taste to this drink. For this, add freeze or fresh strawberries. These strawberries become soft when going in the liquid and then come to the top. It gives a beautiful look to your pink drink.

Now, it’s time to drink this tasty recipe. It is amazing for you to pour it into the glass because it looks tasty and beautiful. When you drink it, you feel the same taste that you feel at the coffee shop. Further, it is more cost-effective to make it at home within less time.

Preparation of Starbucks drink:

  1. First of all, you need to make simple syrup. For this, add water and sugar into a pan.
  2. Now, heat this solution on medium flame. It is important to stir to dissolve sugar continuously. Heat it until the solution starts boiling.
  3. Then keep this syrup at room temperature for cooling.
  4. Steep tea for 5 minutes.
  5. Now, keep tea at room temperature for cooling.
  6. Then add syrup, half tea, and grape juice to a glass and mix it.
  7. Now, add the other half tea to fill the glass and mix it well.
  8. Now, add creamy coconut milk and mix it.
  9. In the end, place strawberries for garnishing and then serve them.

Final Verdict:

Finally, you have come to know about making pink Starbucks drinks. You all need this drink when it’s too hot, and you want something refreshing and cold. It is also true that the drink is very expensive. So, it is difficult for most people to pay much for this drink. But they want to drink it once.

So, for those people, we have shared the recipe for this drink. Now you can make it at home and drink whenever you want. Though this recipe doesn’t contain caffeine, so everyone in your family can drink it. The recipe we have shredded is very easy to prepare.

Frequently Asked Questions-FAQs:

Is the copycat version caffeine-free?

The copycat version is caffeine-free. You need to add about one-fourth teaspoon of coffee powder, mostly green in color. By using this powder, you feel that you are taking caffeine. The powder used in this recipe doesn’t affect the taste significantly.

Can I make the pink drink with various types of milk instead of coconut milk?

You don’t need to make a pink drink with coconut milk. You can use other milk also such as nut milk, soy milk, and dairy milk.

How do I make this drink with the Starbucks Refreshers?

You can make this recipe by using the following ingredients:

  1. Two tablespoons golden syrup
  2. Half teaspoon Starbucks VIA Refresher
  3. Half cup grapes squash
  4. Half cup coconut milk
  5. Two teaspoons sliced strawberries
  6. One cup Ice
  7. Berry Hibiscus

Mix all these ingredients and shake well.

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